Chipotle? Pizza? Study More Applications?

Day 8:30 AM: I get to my office (lets be honest, cubicle) to start my work. We start my outlook, read new email messages, and respond to the majority of them (some will need some additional attention later in the day.) I’m very close to finishing my one cup of coffee for the afternoon.

8:45-9:00 AM: I open three windows: 1) the internet, 2) our very own USC internal database, and 3) my grade point average (GPA) calculator. We make an online search to see the Application that is common database to help keep records of everything, and just because it sounds, the GPA calculator to calculate GPAs. I am always happy when I see a complete educational history. USC asks candidates to list their classes and grades by topic (English, mathematics, spanish, social sciences etc…) therefore so it’s easy to see the classes a student took in ninth through eleventh grade. I can also see the grades in a clear and organized way. I begin reading applications.

9:01 AM: Someone just started referring to fantasy football. As a very first time player, this immediately catches my attention (I was eliminated in the first round of playoffs after spending the entire season as quantity one in my league of sixteen players…just sayin…) I struggle to stay focused but my willpower continues to be strong this early in the morning.

9:02 AM 12:00 PM: I continue reading… the first thing I look at in a pupil’s application is their first an (more…)

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Tips to prevent Senioritis. Don’t wait by the mailbox for admission decisions!

Tips to prevent Senioritis. Don’t wait by the mailbox for admission decisions!

You’ve worked hard, you’ve applied to university, and perhaps you’ve already gotten some college acceptance letters. Congratulations! Because exciting as it would likely to life after high college, now is not the time to slack off.

Sure, it really is semester that is second summer may feel like it’s right around the part. But even you end up attending will review your spring grades even after you’ve been admitted if you had a stellar fall semester academically, the college. If your grades decline from the right time you had been admitted, there exists a chance that the admission could be rescinded. And no one wishes to deal with that.

Here are tips on the best way to avoid senioritis:

Do enjoy yourself! You’re only a school that is high when. Find a balance between hanging out with friends, going to high college occasions, and buckling down to study for AP exams classes.

Don’t let your grades slip. You’ve worked hard for much too long to stop caring and begin slacking. Colleges will take notice of a downward trend in grades.

Do keep your eyes on the reward: university. You understand that saying that college will be the best years in your life? Imagine how even more you’ll enjoy it knowing that you worked hard in highschool getting where you stand as being a university student.

Do not let others peer force you into not caring regarding the classes. Maybe some of one’s classmates have been compl (more…)

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